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Laser Hair Removal

Advanced Beauty Studio has invested in choosing a state of the art laser hair removal machine to ensure the safest and most effective results for your laser hair removal needs. Needless to say, our professional IPL device will deliver the most dramatic results while minimizing risks associated with laser hair removal. One of the key factors to consider is that our IPL machine uses a light beam that requires fewer flashes when treating larger skin surfaces, thus further ensuring our client’s safety while in no way compromising smooth hairless skin. Our specific machine is also upgraded with a device that allows effective and safe result on most skin colors ranging from fair to dark. We are confident that if permanent hair removal is your desire, working with our formally trained professionals here at Advanced Beauty Studio will exceed your expectations.


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Ladies Price List
Full Legs+Bikini $250
Under Arm  $70
Full Arms   $150   
Bikini $70
Gentlemen Price List
Men’s Front  $120
Full back (include shoulders and back) $170
Full Arms   $170   
Underarms $50


Lower legs includes knees


Under arm laser hair removal